Deep Ecology

Arne Naess first coined the term deep ecology in 1973. All natural things - ecosystems, life and landscape - have an intrinsic right to exist. Human is not the top of this natural world but the same level as all other natural things.Natural environment is not resource for humans, although most environmentalists think that nature is useful or necessary to humans.

I took part in a deep ecology workshop from October 20 to 21 in 1997. The facilitator of this workshop was Anja Light, who is an environmentalist. She had a mercy although I heard that she sometimes used direct actions to protect nature. This workshop was a program that woke our merciful heart up. In this workshop we talked with future people about the present world. We released our worries and loads. We invited a natural spirit to each our mind. We felt human energy. On the second day I was very relaxed. I felt all bad things and bad emotion in my body went away from around my navel part. I was surprised because I had never felt such feeling for several years.
Thinking about environment, we are sometimes sad. It is because the problem is too huge and seems to be beyond our control. Anja said that she did not expect any results of her action and she did as she wished.