XKeymacs - Keyboard Utility for Windows

--- FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) ---
Q. How can I run XKeymacs automatically when I logon Windows?
A. Open the options dialog and check Auto Run check box.

Q. How to avoid opening a warning dialog when I run XKeymacs on Windowx XP.
A. You can hide it to do these procedures.
1. Select xkeymacs.exe on Explorer.
2. Alt+Enter (or right click) to open a property dialog.
3. Alt+K on General tab
4. Click OK button

Q. What does "Disable XKeymacs" mean?
A. "Disable XKeymacs" is the same as "Exit" but a silver key icon remains in the taskbar.
When you want to use XKeymacs again, just right click the icon and select "Enable XKeymacs".

Q. XKeymacs does not reflect setting of Properties Dialog.
A. Reboot Windows first. If XKeymacs does not reflect setting after reboot,
exit XKeymacs. Then run Registry Edit (regedit.exe) to rename XKeymacs2 to
XKeymacs2_org of the next key.
Run XKeymacs to set again.

Q. How can I run Bash by M-!?
A. Install Bash. Create the environment variable XKEYMACS_SHELL and set
value "bash". Reboot Windows. By doing this, you can use M-! to run bash.

Q. I can not open File menu by Alt+F after I install XKeymacs. Why?
A. In default setting, Alt+F work as M-f.
You should uncheck M-f and/or Alt:Meta check box on Properties dialog
if you want to use Alt+F to open File menu.
Or if you depress F after releasing Alt,
File menu is opened by Alt+F when M-f and Alt:Meta are enabled.

Q.Why does the remapping indication differ from the actual system behaviour?
A. The Keyboard Layout dialog indicates the current registry data.
On the other hand, the behavior of the system reflects the registry data at the time the system started.
If you restart Windows, the system behaves the way you want.

Q. Why are some check boxes in the options dialog always disabled?
A. Some check boxes are only for Windows NT, 2000 and XP.
So they are disabled every time on Windows 95, 98 and ME.

Q. Why a mail window is closed of Microsoft Outlook Express when a user depress Esc key as Meta?
A. Assign Esc as commands "Meta" category "Other" on Advanced tab of Properties Dialog.
Esc key is assigned "Meta for Esc" on default setting.
"Meta for Esc" work not only Meta but also original key, i.e. Esc.
So Esc key work as Meta on Notepad and Esc can close a dialog,
but Esc did not work well on some application like Microsoft Outlook Express.

Q. Why C-d input ~ insted of Delete on bash of Cygwin?
A. You should add the next line on ~/.inputrc
"\e[3~": delete-char

Q. Why M-v open View menu insted of scroll down on Opera?
A. M-v works fine if you delete View menu on Opera.
You can delete View menu to do these procedures.
1. Exit Opera.
2. Open Opera\defaults\standard_menu.ini file.
3. Find "Submenu, 67390, Browser View Menu".
4. Input ';' at line head of found line such as:
;Submenu, 67390, Browser View Menu
5. Save the file.

Q. How to prevent that search string is swapped with the word on which Keyboard Cursor is
when a user changes search direction on Borland C++ Builder?
A. Select "Edit Option..." on Tool menu of Borland C++ Builder, press Alt+X and click OK button.

Q. What is the best value of kill-ring-max?
A. Default value is 30 on Emacs.

Q. Why C-y yanks last killed data only after a user execute C-k, C-k, C-k?
A. XKeymacs connects data by kill-ring when clipboard data has other than plane text.
So if kill-ring-max is 0, killed data is not connected.
Open Properties dialog and set kill-ring-max 1 and over to connect killed data.

Q. The combo box on the properties dialog shows only "set as default" IME
even if some IMEs are installed. (IME or "Input Method Editor" is a gizmo to input Japanese or some other languages).
How can I set for other IMEs?
A. Open the properties dialog and select the IME for which you want to set.
So you can set for the IME.

Q. I can't disable C-x. What can I do?
A. C-x is fooked when one of setting which user C-x is enabled.
If you set by Properties dialog, clear all check box of "C-x *" to disable C-x.
In some case -- you change 101 keyboard to 106 keyboard or vice versa --
'(' of "C-x (" becomes Shift+8 from Shift+9 and the setting can not be cleared from Properties dialog.
On such an occasion, you need to use Advanced tab of Properties dialog (or Regedit.exe).

Q. Can I use ~/Esc key?
A. Yes. Assign Shift-Esc at Category:Other Commands:~ on Advanced tab of Properties dialog.

Q. How to pass the only next key to an application such as C-q of Emacs?
A. Open Property dialog of XKeymacs and assign command "Temporarily Disable XKeymacs"
category "Other" to C-q.

Q. Why can I pop up properties dialog if I click gold key icon in taskbar?
A. It is changed from click to double click since version 1.14
to conform with "The Windows Interface Guidelines for Software Design"
written by Microsoft.

Q. Why isn't there an Auto Run check box in the properties dialog?
A. The check box was in the properties dialog before version 1.14.
But now, it is in the options dialog.

Q. Why does XKeymacs run even if I turn off Auto Run check box?
A. Since version 1.15, XKeymacs can set Auto Run per user.
So if you set it on by XKeymacs before version 1.14,
XKeymacs cannot stop Auto Run.
You have to turn off by XKeymacs before version 1.14 or
delete the xkeymacs key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run) from the windows registry.

Q. How can I hide gold key icon in taskbar?
A. You can hide it to do these procedures.
1. Right click the next key of the registory to open pop up menu.
2. Depress N and D of your keyboard to create new DWORD.
3. Change the name of the DWORD main_icon.
4. Comfirm the data of main_icon is 0x00000000 (0).

Q. Why gold key icon in taskbar is not displayed?
A. The icon will be displayed if you delete main_icon in the next key of the registory.

Q. What is CUA-mode?
A. If you enable CUA-mode, C-x works as Cut during Set Mark.
Original CUA-mode is available on the next site:
cua.dk - Storm's Free Software Collection

Q. What is Program Manager (Progman.exe)?
Program Manager is the desktop interface.

Q. I turned a key which is needed to input password to logon Windows
by Keyboard Layout dialog.
How should I do to logon again?
A. If you can logon by other address or access on the network,
delete the next value by regedit.exe
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout\Scancode Map
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout\Scancode Map
If you can not access on the network,
you have or made dual boot environment, you can edit registry by the following procedues.
1. Run regedt32 on Windows which you can login.
2. Select [Load Hive] on [File] menu to load the next file.
3. Delete next value.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout\Scancode Map
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout\Scancode Map
4. Select [Unload Hive] on [File].
5. Restart Windows and logon Windows which you could not logon.

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