Hiro town
A view of Hiro town

Wildflowers and Butterflies of Hiro, Japan

This page was "Mountains in Kure city" from 05 May 1999 to 14 Mar 2010. But I changed this page into the space of beautiful wildflowers and butterflies photos at Hiro on 14 Mar 2010.

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Hitori-shizuka 11 Mar 2010
Chloranthus japonicus
Hitori-shizuka This white flowers are very pretty. We can see those flowers only early spring. And the flower season is very short. In fact I could not see those flowers last year. I only saw the four leaves after the flower season last year. So I am really happy this year to have taken this photo.

Hakobe 11 Mar 2010
Stellaria neglecta
Hakobe This plant has so many small white flowers. We have a custom to eat this plant as a vegetable soup on 7 Jan. But I don't like this soup.

Kusa-ichigo 11 Mar 2010
Rubus hirsutus
Kusa-ichigo This plant looks like a grass. But It belongs to a kind of small tree. Now we can see those white flowers in mamy places. And you know we can have a crop of strawberry fruit after the flowers. I can't wait!

Sumire sp 11 Mar 2010
Viola sp.
Sumire This group of plants has so many species. So I don't know the exact Japanese name of this plant. The typical plant of this group is the Pansy and the Viola, you know.

O-inuno-fuguri 11 Mar 2010
Veronica persica
O-inuno-fuguri This plant has so many beautiful blue flowers. But the meaning of this Japanese name is dog's big testis. What a pitty!

Kiran-sou 11 Mar 2010
Ajuga decumbens
Kiran-sou This plant has purple flowers in spring only. This plant is very small in height.

Hotokeno-za 11 Mar 2010
Lamium amplexicaule
Hotoke-no-za This plant has red flowers in spring. This Japanese name means the Buddhist seat. What a funny.

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