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XKeymacs is a keyboard utility to realize emacs like-useability on all windows applications. With XKeymacs you can use emacs keybindings with any windows application. You can create a keyboard macro and assign any shortcut key too. You also get bash-like command completion in your DOS shell. If you do not know Emacs, Xemacs, Mule or Meadow, you probably want nothing to do with XKeymacs. I began to make XKeymacs because I wanted to add C-t and C-l to Keymacs. Now that all the functions I want are available, I think I will burnish XKeymacs by adding new functions that users want and to fix bugs.
Supported OS: Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista (Internet Explorer 5.0 is required on Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0.)

xkeymacs347.zip (198,839 bytes)
It includes xkeymacs.exe, xkeymacs.dll, Readme.txt, Readme_J.txt, dot.xkeymacs, FAQ.txt, FAQ_J.txt, release.txt, release_J.txt, spec.txt and spec_J.txt.

xkeymacssrc347.zip (181,788 bytes)
It is the source code of xkeymacs.exe and xkeymacs.dll. You can compile them by using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.
- You have to install Microsoft Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) and add include/lib directory at the top of list on Directory tab in Options dialog of Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.

xkeymacs347.msi (246,272 bytes)
It is installer of XKeymacs.
xkeymacsins347.zip (218,445 bytes)
It is the source of the installer. You can build them by Microsoft Visual Studio Installer.

Archive of old versions

Mailing List
Please tell me your impression, question, request, etc. I announce bug information and new version release news on this ML.

Known Problems (or Specifications?!)

The xkeymacs.exe require the mfc42.dll and the msvcrt.dll. If your system does not have these files, the xkeymacs.exe pop up an error message. When an error message is poped up, you must get the mfc42.dll (ex. from here) and the msvcrt.dll and put them in the directry which include the xkeymacs.exe.

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